HOMYHUB securing 230.000 euros grant from NEOTEC


NEOTEC, an equity-free grant for innovative companies is launched by the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), in the form of a non- refundable subsidy . With a total available sum of 25 million euros to be invested in the most disruptive startups or SME across Spain.


The main aim of the grant is to provide technical and R&D support for startups and companies to boost their innovative ideas.  One of the main criteria for applying for this grant is that the company should be innovative and proving its disruption in the sector.


The call for the grant started from July 2018 until 2nd October of the same year. More than 800 startups including HOMYHUB, applied for this grant from various sectors of innovation. The application includes some really strict points and criterias to fulfil. In this link, you will find all the details regarding the grant and the process: https://www.dyrecto.es/neotec-cdti/


Only 80 startups were selected to receive the equity-free grant of 250.000 euros max each. After a long wait for the results, we at HOMYHUB are among the 80 innovative startups in Spain to receive this grant amounting, 230.000 euros.


HOMYHUB provides a disruptive solution to open, close, monitor and manage access to the garage doors from anywhere and anytime. Its mission to unlock the full potential of garages and turning them into a smart place is fulfilled by the New Generation Services. The services are :


  • Secure Delivery: With the partnership with Correos (the biggest logistics company in Spain), HOMYHUB is disrupting the entire last mile logistics sector. The service allows users to get their packages delivered securely in their garage without someone being physically present to receive it. It solves a huge issue of failed delivery for logistics companies like Correos accounting them a loss of millions of euros each year. After a successful pilot in 2018, the service is going to be launched in Spain during the month of June.


  • Sharing Economy:  With the convenience of HOMYHUB’s garage access sharing and monitoring, this service will allow various sharing economy platforms to integrate with our solution. Platforms like car sharing, parking sharing or EV sharing will benefit from the huge network of smart and connected garages.


  • Connected Cars: With partnerships with some of the biggest car manufacturing brands, HOMYHUB’s solution can provide its solution in the connected cars sector. Some really big things are taking place behind the curtains and will be revealed in the upcoming months.

Apart from all the new generation services, another innovative solution provided by HOMYHUB’s solution is the Proximity Opening feature. A feature that allows users to enter the garage without even removing the hands from their wheels. This feature is a direct add on in the connected car ecosystem and has helped HOMYHUB gain massive interest in the sector.


Due to all the above mentioned disruptive approach, HOMYHUB has been selected for the grant by NEOTEC.


Now by winning the NEOTEC grant of 230.000 euros, HOMYHUB gains a huge boost on its mission to unlock the full potential of garages and reach more than 300.000 garages in the next 5 years. This grant will be dedicated to boost more of HOMYHUB’s tech development on our current disruptive product and its evolutions. Making it more useful and smart for the user, and even more attractive for our New Generation Services partners.


With the crowdfunding round in the process, this grant will increase the total available money that HOMYHUB is investing for the market launch, therefore increasing the speed, and our way into conquering the market. In short, targeting a huge untouched market of more than 125 million garages just in the EU.


Garages have played a huge part in bringing some of the biggest innovation in the world. Its HOMHYUB’s time now to bring the disruption and innovation in the Garages.


If you want to be a part of the journey to unlock the full potential of garages, Invest Now in our crowdfunding round from as little as 10 pounds to any amount. Lets makes garages smart, REALLY SMART!!