Intruder Alert

Don’t worry, its just a precautionary signal that we are trying to generate and no one is intruding right now. But, just imagine you are thousand miles away and someone hooded, gets into your personal office, hacks your safe and manipulates your entire home automation. Sounds scary right ? Its gonna be like a dooms day in your life.

Hacking into your refrigerator or controlling the thermostat is not something that may cause some severe panic. But just imagine, people spying into your security cameras, accessing your garage doors, twitching with your alarm system. Such things are really vulnerable in the present state when everything is connected to the internet. IoT has proved its vast advantages and made life easy for thousands of people. But along with all the burgeoning smart home technology, the frontiers for cyber crime will also expand, and the well-known security risks to your PC and credit card could become true for your refrigerators, coffee pots, and security systems.

Here is what security research analyst Colby Moore have to say about  lack of security standards in IoT devices.

“Right now, the Internet of things is like computer security was in the nineties, when everything was new and no one had any security standards or any way to monitor their devices for security,”

Here is an article by Michigan News which states the smart home security issues :

When it comes to automated garage door openers, its really important to have a cutting edge secure system. I bet you don’t want your favorite BMW to be seen missing after you come from a relaxing holiday from Miami. That’s what the team at HomyHub is devoting its major time into. Developing the most simple but extremely secure automated garage system. The tech geeks in the team spend hours daily to make the system counter any cyber and other sort of attacks.

Here is what Alejandro Nieto Pérez , Co-Founder and Tech expert at HomyHub have to say about the security of the device

“ I have carved and modulated the device as if it’s the love of my life. Its impossible to stop others from trying to put their eyes on her but the commitment is so strong , no one can get pass her. “

When a techie compares his work to the love of his life, trust me its all that matters to him.

IoT and home automation is all about making life simple and fast. That is only possible if you feel that your belonging are secured and just under your control.

What do you  think about the issue of security in the IoT sector ? Drop your comments and lets start a discussion.

Be safe !!!

IoT getting bigger with data

IoT is, at its core, a fairly simple concept. Basically, what it brings down to is that we’re making our products smarter. We’re embedding Internet-enabled computer chips and sensors in products and devices that traditionally had little to no computing capacity – everything from watches to car engines to generators to home automation and even garage doors . All of them have the capacity to be controlled,monitored,programmed and generate data.

How will IoT leverage Big Data

The significant increase in connected devices that’s due to happen at the hands of the Internet of Things. It  will in turn, lead to an exponential increase in the data that an enterprise is required to manage. Here’s where IoT intersects wonderfully with big data – and where it becomes evident that the two trends fit one another like a glove. But its important to take into account that Big Data has been around with us for a while and IoT is in its infancy state . So to take them hand in hand , industries and tech experts should know the importance of the data generated and be able to communicate through it .

While larger enterprises like Coca-Cola, General Electric, and Domino’s Pizza have managed to tap into its value, most businesses will have to wait some time before they can really enjoy the advantages of IoT and Big data analytics . But he change can be seen when many upcoming enterprises and IoT based startups are catcching up with this latest trend .

In the phase of connected homes , HomuyHub is showing keen interest in the field of Big data . With the first product as automated garage door openers , HomyHub is trying to reduce the time , cost , efforts and make life simple. Also with a team of tech enthusiast and data analytics professionals , they are trying to generate valuable information from the data generated . For example, knowing time frame of the opening and closing of the doors and generating a pattern from it . The lifetime of the product can be increased by reducing the battery consumption or even turning off the device automatically at that particular time frame.

“We know that Big Data has become a trend in the recent time . But we are not merely trying to use it as a topping but rather mix its flavor with the recipe of our technology” – , Ankit Pareek, Head of Communication and Data analyst at HomyHub .

Big Data capacity is, in essence, a prerequisite to enter the IoT era. Without the proper data-gathering in place, it’ll be impossible for businesses to sort through all the information flowing in from embedded sensors.


The present Aces of IoT

IoT or Internet of things have become one of the major topic of discussion among all the technological sectors in the past time. Connected Homes, automobile, banking, industries and many more sectors have taken into account its importance and trying to adapt to the advancement.

In this blog we wont be focusing on which sector IoT is glossing its path but rather naming few people who have put spotlight in the sector.

  1. Matt Turck : VC at @FirstMarkCap. Organizer, Data Driven NYC and Hardwired NYC.

“The Internet of Things is coming.  Obstacles abound, but as our landscape shows, there is an immense amount of activity happening worldwide from both startups and large companies that make this conclusion all but inevitable. Progress may seem slow in some ways, but in fact it is happening remarkably quickly when one pauses to think about the magnitude of the change a fully connected world requires. What seemed like complete science fiction 10 years ago is in the process of becoming reality, and we are getting very close to being surrounded by connected objects, drones and autonomous cars. The bigger question might be whether we are ready as a society for this level of change.”

Matt has been constantly delivering profound articles and speeches in the IoT sector.

Internet of Things: Are We There Yet? (The 2016 IoT Landscape)

2.Nicholas O´Leary : BM Emerging Technologies tinkerer. All things MQTT and IoT. Creator of @NodeRED and one of the @BeardyDads.

Nick O’Leary Wiring The Internet of Things

3.John Barrett : Head of Academic Studies at the Nimbus Centre for Embedded Systems Research at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and Group Director of the Centre’s Smart Systems Integration Research Group

“I’m getting to the stage where I’d like to think that technology could be more beneficial and really improve people’s quality of life [through IoT], not just more gadgets for the already gadget-saturated rich.”

4.Chuck Martin : Editor, IoT Daily, MediaPost, Columnist, NY Times Business Bestselling Author of Mobile Influence, Internet of Things (IoT) expert, Futurist, Keynote Speaker

All these people have shared their thoughts on the sector of IoT and its future implication.

Who else should be included in the list ?  Lets start a conversation and put our thoughts in this IoT era .


The Startup Recipe

Being the Co-Founder of HomyHub and a lecturer for the Startup Lab at the IMBA department of IE Business School . I have been asked a question several times , “Enzo, why can’t a startup just have people with deep knowledge in just their sector. Why do we need an amalgam of people with different set of skills?”. So, let me try to answer it question in  a broad manner.

We are in an era of booming entrepreneurs and startups. With a new idea popping each second and out of which one in a thousand turns in a successful business plan. The success of a startup lies in its idea and the amount of hard work put to make that particular idea a demanded solution . Investment, clients, sponsors, venture capitalists, etc. are considered to be the the drivers of a successful entrepreneur’s road map. Apart from all these, it’s the team or the minds and souls behind the company that leads it to success.

Maybe that particular idea is just one person’s creation or click of mind. But till that particular moment its mere “an idea”. To make it reach to the people in a way you want and they accept, its the team’s work that bulls eye’s the success point . Now in this particular article , we are going to focus about an important aspect that any team should take into account. It’s the importance of technicality or the essence of technical knowledge that a startup should have.

Wait!! this sounds irrelevant right? Why would a marketing company need someone with technical knowledge? Why would a consumer good manufacturing company need someone with coding skills? or for God’s sake , why would a restaurant need someone to know about analytics? All these sounds so bizarre and surmounted by delusion. But, the simple answer is ‘they all do’ and before you all shoot all the questions bursting in your mind, let me try to explain it my way .

In the present competitive world, reaching out to people may not be tough but reaching out to the right audience, is a heck of a task. So you need to plan, device, map, shoot your strategy in a way that it reaches to your target market. In simple terms ‘a precise marketing plan’. Now if someone having deep knowledge in the field of marketing , accompanies himself with some tools of marketing analytics or even knows about S.E.O. optimization etc. He/She can lure their path easily and beat their competition to shreds. In short, having knowledge about the technical aspect of any field,really adds on to the performance and lifetime of any company. Data analytics can help that restaurant know their customer better and plan  a meal accordingly . A consumer good manufacturing company can shorten its operation time and cost by simple algorithmic enhancements .

We are not just talking about hiring people with technical knowledge . But also making everyone from all the department in the team aware about the recent technical trend. Lets see what Ankit Pareek – Head Of Communication at Homyhub has to say about it .

“I guess knowing few analytics and visualizing tools on  the data we gather , its easier for me to strategies my communication plan . Also with Enzo’s ideology of forming a team with people having knowledge from all sector(marketing , technical , data analytics and entrepreneurship)  have  helped us in saving both time and money . Also everything is under one roof  and that helps to communicate in a much efficient manner . Hence HomyHub is moving fast towards the path of success”

So, its not just about having the technical idea but about knowing something out of your radar that may help you achieve your goals . I hope the question has been answered and we all agree that “knowledge is not bounded by what you know but rather how much you want to know”.

Cheers !!

Enzo – linkedIn


Top 5 trends in 2017

2016 was a roller coaster in everyone’s life from all around the globe. Take it politically, economically, socially, and even technically. The world has seen the rise of an unconventional president, the tremors in the European regions, largest economy turning cashless and mind boggling innovations. But it’s a new year and we are getting prepared for the upcoming wind of change, evolution, innovation, and disruption.

Here in HomyHub we would like to pick the top five upcoming technological trends in 2017.

They are calling it the watchman, the nanny or the housekeeper and it totally justifies this cute little robot. Now being miles away from home or working from your office desks, your kids and pets will be constantly under your supervision. No worries, it wont scare them at all.

Exactly like the name, it’s a monster in itself. For all the gamers around, this 21 inch buffed up, solid, muscled and built with the highest graphical quality, this  laptop is going to blow  the mind. A laptop weighing 8.8 kg won’t just burn your pockets deep, but give you the ultimate gaming experience by Acer.

Cuddling at night with your loved ones during winters is an indescribable  feeling. The warmth of their legs gives your cold feet a sensation of pleasure. But, what if you are alone or your pets don’t like your smelly feet? So Sleep Number made a bed that knows when you’ve got cold feet and turns heat on at the bottom of the bed. In theory, the mattress changes its Sleep Number settings to compensate for changes in position and while it can’t stop someone snoring, if it senses you are, it raises your head to reduce your volume. Damn!!! that’s a goodnight sleep for everyone.

Moen’s new shower range lets you preheat shower water, control water temperature and shower duration from your phone. So save water and enjoy a better shower with the   connected device .

Its really the car of the future. The Faraday Future FF91, is the new entrant in the driver-less car segment and its truly one of its kind and featuring self parking. The car is in designing phase but has surely caught eyes in the CES  2017.

And when we have the selfless driving cars with automatic parking, why even waste time  opening your garage. For that you just need a HomyHub Garage to add the cherry to the cake.

So these were our top picks for  2017 from the CES   in LA . Will be there next year with HomyHub devices stealing the limelight.

Follow the link for more featured devices and innovation :

Cheers !!


When giants enter the era

Apple is the only company in the world that has all of that under one roof . We can invent a complete solution that works and take complete responsibility for it ” – Steve Jobs

Home Automation and the inculcation of IoT in the sector has revolutionised the system . From automated garage door openers ( , to climate controlling ( , to all in one remote access ( . There has been an astounding development by various companies into this future tech .

Now the parameter of success and innovation increases when a tech giant like Apple , step into the dimension of home automation . With their recent success of the beta version  of the Home App ( Apple’s powerful home application ) , they are trying to break all barriers in the field .

Read the full story here  :

Comment , what you think about Apple’s move towards this segment .


Five headaches in IoT Devices

Its not all rainbows and butterflies.

Iot with its imperial advancement and clouding the home automation sector, has seen quiet fall back from various issues. Security, privacy or maybe something else. House owners fell that they are been watched or their devices are not as safe as it seems.

Here are the top five issues in IoT for Home Owners :

  • Data leaks or hacking :

Keeping a password as “admin” or “myhome” is really easy for anyone to crack. A study by Forbes proves that, 8/10 home automation devices with password, have such simple keywords. It becomes easy for them to access it and hack into the system.

  • Privacy Loss :

Big data has made life simple and profitable for many business, but created concerns among many users. When giants like Google or Apple collect your daily data and know each and every move you make. Do you think your private life is as private ?

  • Products are complicated :

Its simple and easy to install” and then they forget to mention “if you are a engineer or a tech geek”. Smart home devices are advertised as products of convenience—but in actuality, they often serve to frustrate and confuse homeowners. Creating a lighting “theme” is a lot more complex than just switching on a few lights, and requires insight into a user’s habits and routines that many homeowners just don’t have.

  • Legal Rights :

There are no concrete laws present which encompasses the various layers of IoT across the world. The gamut of devices connected to each other raises many security issues and no existing legal laws address such exposures.

  • Low-Power, Short-Range IoT Networks :

Now imagine you sitting in your car and pressing the garage door button but nothing happens. Reason ? You are not in range. Damn that is irritating. IoT devices are taking into serious consideration to improvise the signal range and make it user friendly. Just take into example HomyHub, open the door anytime and from any where .

What do you think are more issues related to IoT devices ? Comment and lets see if we can solve it

Doors to London 2.0

“We have the best wine and now it will be served in a crystal glass” – Enzo Zamora , Co-Founder HomyHub

The quote seems pretty out of the loop and context. But taking the essence of it, it depicts the exact feeling. Winning the Startupbootcamp London for IoT and connected devices and getting the four months of acceleration time in London, HomyHub is all set to mark its presence.


9th July, the day when HomyHub won the Startupbootcamp challenge for IoT & Connected Devices. A chance to grow as a startup during their acceleration program and get access to their Rapid Prototyping Lab for four months.

Follow the link below to know more about it from our past blog post:

Doors to London

So now whats happening? Let me answer it in a  brief manner.

With four members of the team setting their foot in London and working for the growth of HomyHub. Its time for them to reflect the daylight and sign in the night. Its an incredible opportunity and not too many startups have the chance to live up to it. Will make not only HomyHub grow faster as a startup, but each of their team member in the same way.

London is an open door to some of the best startup ecosystems in Europe. An open door for HomyHub to get more private investment, strong support on the final phase and get more business customers. Its all easy to say although tough to counter in the right paradigm. But there is something that HomyHub has encapsulated in its success journey and that’s the team. With such an effective,  creative and hard working team, success seems closer and failures are soaked with a smile.

Most important factor is not the investment that HomyHub is seeking, rather it’s the market reach. With the product ready and prototypes tested, it just needs to make it available to the right customer and at the right moment.

Yes, we are not alone and no one ever is. Competitors are gliding all around and the wind is faster than the usual course. But that doesn’t make HomyHub and its team scared, rather keeps the moral boosted up and learn with each gust. Offering the best value to the customer and making them say “Thank god, I have HomyHub in my life”, that’s what we are working for.

So, London, Madrid, hard work, sleepless nights, knowledge, experience, mistakes, mentors, accelerator, investment, market, customers and loads of excitement. These few words cover all most all the things showcasing the present state of HomyHub.

“Hoping that London has the treasure stored for the quest we are on” – Victor Arza, Co-Founder and Head Of Marketing HomyHub.

Doors to London


“If you can dream it , you can do it“ – Walt Disney

It all started with 425 online applications and one day when a mail arrives stating that: “Your startup has been selected for the final 21 pitches at the Startupbootcamp (SBC) Headquarters, London”. The aura of the HomyHub’s team room was filled with joy and there was a glitter of gratification in everyone’s eyes .

7th July, the stage was set and the top 21 startups around the globe emerged to take part in this intriguing event. Startupbootcamp London’s headquarter was filled with entrepreneurs, wanting a boost in their path and be in the top 10 position. Two intense, mind throbbing days with 60 mentors, 21 teams and 5 Startupbootcamp directors, the event kicked off at 9:30 am with a pleasing breakfast .

The final selection was focused on startups who have shown their commitment and hard work in the field of IoT and Connected devices. In the past few years, internet and its amalgam with almost all the devices around us has changed everyone’s lifestyle. Hence, all the startups were focused on this particular meadow of technology .

Scared yet still, excited yet calm and proud yet composed. All the members of HomyHub were ready for their 3 minutes pitch and two days of discussion with all the mentors. Who were going to test their commitment, zeal, enthusiasm, hard work and sincerity towards their startup and showcase them with a path for the future .Their product was HomyHub GARAGE, a solution to automate garage door openers. All you need is a HomyHub’s mobile application and a device to spare yourself from those clingy remotes and rely just on a tap of your finger .

As that can be justified by Matt Cooling  – (Business Development Mngr. for Cisco UK) remark,

“Impressed by the HomyHub’s team and product, think they have a great opportunity ahead of them and I look forward to seeing them take their product to market”

A great product with an unique selling proposition, a well balanced team, a good business approach and abundance of hard work. All these led to the success of HomyHub and making them secure the top 10 position at the Startupbootcamp finals, with cheers and applaud from each and every member present in the room. With this, the doors to future of HomyHub widened with bright light .The success was intensified when Francois Mazoudier – CEO of Tech Leaders Capital personally stated the team saying that ,

“these guys have a clear solution, simple and well laid out user value proposition and need remarkably little resources to achieve their stated goals”.

To boost the workflow of the startup, SBC will be providing three  months of acceleration time in London and access to their Rapid Prototyping Lab . Also with fifteen thousand euros of initial investment, almost one million euros in services and continuous support of SBC mentors and partners for more future investments and clients . All these were going to act as a catalyst in the success of HomyHub and their team . But the real pleasure or the feel of success is justified when another participating team member sparks the following comment,

“Now I want to buy a house with garage , just so that I can use a HomyHub GARAGE, love the product”Vince Cifani Joyride Co-Founder and another SBC finalist.


Team HomyHub

A glance of the event .  –> Some moments from the SBC London

What is Home Automation?


Automation, as the name implies means a self-acting machine. In a world which was previously manual, the idea and introduction of automation have kicked the dependence of labor and manpower out of the market and has already made work very much easier.

Automation used to be applied only during the mass production of products, and it was only accessible to people who had the resources and would still make a profit if implemented. However, due to advancement in technology, automation has found its way into the nooks and crannies of our everyday life.

Home automation is when you have the ability to control devices in the home with the use of a remote device. In other words, it is the programming of the devices in the home to operate under a schedule or under specific conditions which are determined by you. Home automation which can also be referred to as Smart Homes is completely devoid of the use of manual labor.

The concept of automation used to be limited to only programmable devices like thermostats and sprinklers systems. But, it now extends to light, cooling systems, heating system, etc. And when looked at from a security perspective, it involves the use of an alarm system, smoke detectors, surveillance and remote garages.

The concept of smart homes can be divided into two categories:

The automation category ,which deals with the scheduling and programming of devices in the home like scheduling to the window blinds to open during the day and close at night, putting a sensor in your garage door and have it open when a vehicle is near, water sprinkler systems which can also be programmed to come on and off at required times.

The remote control category, which inculcates the ability  to control devices at home with the help of another device,  especially a handheld device. Unlike automation category which functions by itself , the remote control devices are only operated by the homeowner and are really  simple.

The components needed for the automation differs, depending on the particular device to be used. However, the most consistent devices used are simple binary devices which have just the 1 and 0 configurations, representing on and off depending on the programming.

The term, the smart home is used when these devices are connected to the internet and uses the network to operate. People who live in smart homes do not have their garage doors open for them. Their garage is simply smart enough to do it.

Few videos to check out :


Smart Home