Meet HomyHub Garage

The Smart Garage Door device that lets you
control your garage from your smartphone.

Good Bye Remotes

They get lost, broken, they make it hard to share access and are another thing to carry and take care off.

Say good bye to all that! Now your phone is your remote... or remotes :)

Key Features

  • Control the Door
  • Monitor the Activity
  • Share Access
  • Proximity Opening

* Final device may vary from the image shown

Control the Door

Open and close the door, even those days when you forget the remote at home or in your other car.

Monitor the Activity

Wondering who used the garage while you were away? No problem. We got you covered! You can see the logging record in the app.

Share Access

No more remotes needed. Just give or revoque access to others through our appand its digital remotes. Wherever you are!

Proximity Opening

No need to take out your phone when you are coming back home. Thanks to our sensors, now your door will open automatically and you can even customize the proximity distance.

Simplicity is our motto

It wouldn't make sense to give you a hard time installing, setting up or using a solution for automating your garage.

That's why HomyHub GARAGE is designed and tested to be simple to install, to set up and to use.

Safe & Secure

We don't like bad guys, that's why HomyHub GARAGE is encrypted to keep them out. Sorry bad guys!

HomyHub GARAGE will be available soon
through our Crowdfunding Campaign.

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