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I have the HOMYHUB installed for the garage doors and we are very happy. It allows you, with a very simple installation, to connect the opening system of the doors to the internet, being able to activate it from the mobile or smartwatch. Totally recommended!

Beatriz P.
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Where the installation is the easiest

The guided installation and configuration is quick and easy. The wizard to do so is simply great.

Luis R.

Installation is very simple and is fully guided by a step-by-step tutorial integrated in the application.

Javier Escobar

Overall very easy to install, configure and very friendly handling of the APP.

Juan Recio

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Up to 2

I have automated two doors with different motors and they work perfectly.

Jose Vargas

That it can service two doors and have five users to use the doors is a great advantage.

Antonio Suárez

Good device, I have it for two sliding doors and it works great.

Manel Pique

This is something to be told: we have the most brilliant support team.


When customer support is the priority

Easy and simple. If you have any problem you contact them and they solve it quickly. A 10.

Óscar Pellets

The support team is 10!!! I sent them a question related to my door motor and they solved it in less than 24h.

Javier Escobar

The technical support is a 10 for its quick and easy to understand attention, since I had to ask for help to use all the options that the app has.


How cool to open the garage from any device you want....


From the device you choose

It is very useful and convenient to open the garage door with the app or by voice.

José miguel Arnáiz

Surprising multiple integrations: with SIRI, Alexa, Apple Watch.... I actually open and close the door with the watch.

Juan Recio

The app works very well, and the integration with Android Auto is very easy.

Javier Escobar

What about the garage opening automatically when you get home?


Because there are no words (with Proximity Opening)

Proximity functionality is a blast and great customer service 👏👏👏

Jorge Camaño N.

Very convenient to use, and the doors open by themselves, I don't even have to reach in and wait for them to open.

Ángel Heredero

I have completely forgotten about the standard control, I find the door open when I get to the garage (the automatic opening by proximity is fantastic).

Roberto Carbonero

What if on top of using the device you want you can open from anywhere?


Even when you
are away

Now I can open the doors from my cell phone or even from anywhere if someone wants to enter and I am not at home.

José Manuel Fernández

Being able to open and close the door from anywhere makes your day-to-day life easier, especially if you do not want to leave physical keys behind

Jose Antonio de Haro Sanchez

It is also very interesting to be able to open the door when you are away, for some delivery.

Ignacio Meroño Valenciano

Now we get serious. The security of your home matters to us.


With extra security for your home

It works very well and you always have the information of the door activity. Highly recommended.

Sergio Adan Chocano

Allows you to set up alerts if the door has not been closed and to configure a sensor to view the status of the door.

Beatriz P.

I have it on two doors and I recommend it because I can open it remotely and with voice, while watching with the camera that I bought in the pack.

Karlos Chillon

The door works perfectly and alerts me when it stays open after a few minutes.

Antonio Acevedo Gonzalez

We're all a little sick of that bug with batteries called a remote.


And forget about traditional remotes

Excellent device to manage your garage door, it has saved me several times since I am very absent-minded with the controls and this way I can open and close it with my cell phone.

Ramón Bel

A perfect device to forget about manual controls. You can open and close the garage from anywhere.


At home we were always with the problems of the controls, that if they do not have batteries, that if the button fails.

Fran García

All the gratitude from the HOMYHUB team to all our users who, thanks to their ideas, comments and reviews, help us to improve every day. Thanks to the HOMYHUB team and especially to Customer Service for being the engine of excellent customer support.