Let’s make your garage a part of your Smart Home

HOMYHUB works with all your favorite Smart Home systems.

Siri Shortcuts
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
TP-Link Tapo

Smart Assistants

Hey Siri,
Open my garage door

Add your Siri Shortcut for the HOMYHUB App and open the garage door with Siri from any iOS device: iPhone, Apple Watch, HomePod or iPad, no matter where you are.

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Apple Homepod - Siri
Google Home - Google Assistant

Ok Google,
Open my garage

Use Google Assistant to open or close your garage door, or just ask if it is open. Controlling your garage is now easier for you from your smartphone, smartwatch or smart speaker.

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Open my garage door

Control and monitor your garage door with Amazon Alexa from all your Echo devices and other Alexa compatible devices. Just with a simple voice command.

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Amazon Echo Dots - Alexa

Cámaras inteligentes

HOMYHUB App Video Recordings - TP-Link Tapo C100 C200 C310

TP-Link Tapo

Monitor your garage door 24/7 in real time and get automated recordings every time someone opens your garage with the integration of HOMYHUB and the TP-Link Tapo C100/C200 indoor cameras and the C310 outdoor camera. Now your garage is much safer than before..

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