Hey Siri, open my gargae door!

Controlling your lights, TV, doors and other home appliances with Siri has been of great benefit to all the smart home lovers. 


To connect smart-home devices to Apple HomeKit, and subsequently Siri, you’ll need an iPhone or iPad. Both devices come with the Apple Home app installed. You’ll use that to set up and control your smart-home devices on the HomeKit platform. As for your smart-home devices, you’ll need to make sure they’re HomeKit-compatible and have eight-digit HomeKit codes.


But in the world of smart homes, garages have been still missing the functionality of Siri. Until now there has been no direct integration of Siri and smart garage openers.  


In the following blogs, we talked about the integration of how Alexa and HOMYHUB can be beneficial by allowing you to control your garage with voice. Now in the case of Siri, the integration has been smooth and you can control, monitor, and manage access to your garage doors. 

With HOMYHUB turning your garage into a smart garage, the voice assistant is a key step in the process. Especially in the present situation where physical contact is being reduced to a significant level, opening your personal garage or community garage with a voice assistant can be really significant. 


Not only in your home, but by the integration of HOMYHUB, Siri, and the dashboard in your car, it will improve the experience for the customers of the car brand and move a step forward in smart mobility. 


How does the integration of Siri Voice Assistant and HOMYHUB work? 

HOMYHUB is on a mission to unlock the full potential of garages and integration with Siri, Alexa, Google Home, etc. is the next step in making it possible. No more hassle of physically handling of remotes or keys to your garages. Just speak the magic words, “Hey  Siri, open the garage door please” and let the magic happen. 


With HOMYHUB, stay safe, stay in, stay smart, and share access.