Hello Alexa! Open the garage door, please.

Alexa is here in Spain

Amazon finally launched its loved Alexa in Spain for the Spanish speaking market. After a worthy wait now we can say Hola! To our Alexa and she will understand and respond profoundly. After huge success in the US and UK, it was the right moment to bring the Spaniard in Alexa.


Alexa and Smart Home

This opens up the opportunity for other Spanish startups or products or services to integrate with Alexa and bring the best out of it. Especially in the smart home sector, we have seen various products in the US have integrated themselves to Alexa and increased convenience.

Some of the major integration can be seen by Smart locks companies like August and Nest. With their already user loved and friendly products, the integration with Alexa gained significant upgrade.

Another product in the smart home category – The Philips Hue is a good addition to the Alexa. With a very simple installation process and setting up the voice command, you can easily control your home lighting with the Alexa.


HOMYHUB and Alexa

All this developemtn in the Smart Home technology and integration with Alexa opens up a new opportunity for HOMYHUB. HOMYHUB aims to unlock the full potential of your garages and make it a much smarter place in people’s life. With its first device, the HOMYHUB GARAGE, now users can control, monitor and manage access to their garage doors from anywhere and anytime.You just need is the HOMYHUB device installed in the garage and the application on your mobile.


Everyone has thought about making their homes, rooms, and offices smarter. But with the help of HOMYHUB, your garage is no longer just a place to park your car or bikes. It opens up an unimaginable opportunity. Just like the “Secure Delivery” service offered by HOMYHUB in partnership with Correos. Now all your packages will be delivered securely in your garage and without you being physically present during the time of delivery. Something like what Amazon Key offers in the US but eliminating the risk of allowing access to your main door.

Alexa unlocking your garage door now

HOMYHUB has surely set its foot in the Spanish smart home and IoT market and opened opportunities for new generation services.  In the future by pairing your Alexa device and the HOMYHUB GARAGE, you can open or close your garage door without even moving your muscles. No more pressing of buttons or the hassle of remotes, all needed is you speaking the magic line “Alexa, open the garage door “ and your garage will open to any kind of services.


Another key feature that the integration of Alexa and HOMYHUB device can bring is in the smart mobility sector. Alexa has already been integrated with car companies like Ford to enhance their in-car experience. With the help of HOMYHUB and Alexa integrated together, just by a voice command you may be able to open the garage door. Without having to take your hands off the wheel.