Amazon Key just proved HomyHub is right

Amazon has announced a major development in the way of package delivery at your home. Calling it the Amazon Key, they allow anyone to have access to  your house main door and deliver the package even when you are not there. To get the service you need to have the Amazon Key installed at your home and a Amazon Cloud Cam. The entire package starts from 250$ and goes up-to 320$. In addition to that a 99$ annual subscription fees.

It’s a revolutionary step in the field of smart delivery services and integrating it with the smart home technology. With the security cameras installed you can monitor the  entire delivery process from anywhere, just via the application. This kind of advancement in the technology is not the first move by Amazon. Giants like Walmart have developed a similar system which allows deliveries of consumable products directly in your refrigerator.

HomyHub in collaboration with Correos, the largest and oldest logistic company in Spain, is already solving the same problem but with a much safer and cheaper solution. Just by installing the HomyHub plug and play device in your garage, you can turn your private home garage into a secure delivery spot. Beside being able to control, monitor and securely share access with your friends and other services from anywhere in the world. Install the device in your garage, download the HomyHub application and you are all set. You don’t have to give access to your entire house to the delivery person and place cameras all around your house for surveillance. A simple, safe, convenient and cheaper way to get your packages delivered, even when you are miles away and enjoying your Christmas holidays. 

With more than 9 million garages just in Spain, this technology can really disrupt the entire delivery system and make life easy. Moreover, Amazon Key is a groundbreaking move from Amazon but only for its Amazon Prime customers. By installing HomyHub in your garage, you don’t have to rely on subscriptions and you can get packages from literally from any e-commerce, including Amazon. Stating that, it can also be a huge benefit for Amazon to leverage HomyHub’s development and its collaborators’ European market share.    

So if you have a garage, what are you waiting for? Pre-Order now your HomyHub Starter Kit to turn your garage into a smart place.