Bonjour Paris! Permet de faire un IMPACT

The journey of IMPACT started in Vigo. 25 startups were selected to show their innovation and ideas in the sector of connected cars. Out of those 25, only 15 moved to the next round. All the selected startups were to take part in the six-month acceleration program and make an IMPACT.


All the 14 startups meet again in Madrid for the second boot camp. Four days with some of the top speakers and mentors in business and technological expertise. Sharing new ideas, creating investors relations, and getting some really key insights from the top mentors, helped each startup constructively. The startups were able to add more value by collaborating with some of the giants in the connected cars sector.


Apart from the top-notch mentors in the sector, the equity free grant from IMPACT really provides a great push in the development process. All the 14 startups received the part of the 60K grant moving forward in disrupting the connected cars sector.


HOMYHUB is on a mission to unlock the full potential of the garages and make it a convenient place in people’s life. The successful pilot with Correos created history in the logistics sector. HOMYHUB  became the first startup in the world to allow package delivery in garages without anyone physically being present to receive it. It’s a huge milestone and hence it was time to move forward on the roadmap to success. The next step was to provide its solution in the smart mobility and connected cars stratum.


With IMPACT and its connected cars program, HOMYHUB has been able to mark its presence. HOMYHUB provides a  simple and safe solution to control, monitor and manage access to your garage doors from anywhere and anytime. This opens up various opportunities to collaborate with connected cars related services. Allowing garages not just a place to park the cars but opening doors to many other ingenious solutions.


Now 13 out of 14 startups have been selected based on their progress and involvement in the development process. The selected startups will take part in the third boot camp in Paris from 4th – 7th Sep. The startups will be taking part intensively to share their progress and meet experts and mentors for guidance in the technical development.


IMPACT provides a great platform for any startup looking for connections in the sector of connected cars and a chance to deploy pilots. Also, the equity free funding helps in the development process.


HOMYHUB is ready to make an IMPACT in Paris now. !