Can we help the Avengers for the End Game ?😎

The hype is real and the Avengers are ready to fight the mighty Thanos, whatever it takes. As the day to the Avengers End Game approaches, every Marvel fan in the entire world is waiting for the 26th of April. Each one with a plot of their own!


Will the Avengers go back into time and destroy the stones? Is Loki still alive? Can Ant Man prevent Thanos from getting the infinity stones? Will Captain America lose his life?


All will be answered on the 26th of April when the Avengers- End Game hit the theaters. It’s the most awaited movie of the decade and definitely going to live up to the hype. But we here at HOMYHUB  have some thoughts of our own.


What if the Avengers had the HOMYHUB device and the application installed? How can they benefit from that?  Well, let’s see:


  • Access to Ant Man: Now in the trailer we saw, Ant Man asking for permission to enter the Shield HQ and standing at the door with his car.

Garage Acces Control

If Nick Fury had installed the HOMYHUB device and shared with Ant Man the access to the garage, maybe his day would have been better. He wouldn’t have had to ask the mighty Thor for the permission. Just a thought !! 😜


  • Iron Man sharing access of 17A with Spider Man : Now we all know that poor Peter Parker had to join Tony Stark on the spaceship and he got his new suit on the way.

But imagine if Spider Man had the “Secure Delivery” service in his garage? He would have got his new NanoTech suit delivered beforehand in his garage. Maybe that would have stopped Dr. Strange from getting abducted?? Again, Just a thought 😁


  • Securing the S.H.I.E.L.D garage: Nick Furry and all the other agents of SHIELD have been very particular about security and saving the base. Maybe they could have installed the HOMYHUB Garage where all the jets are parked?  With HOMYHUB’s security protocols, we bet it would have been impossible for someone to unlock the garage without permission and Nick could have monitored the garage from anywhere and even with his one eye. Pun intended!! 🤔


We are all excited for the Avengers- End Game and HOMYHUB is with the Avengers on the journey to save the world. They are doing it by taking the fight to Thanos and we are doing it by unlocking the full potential of garages. Whatever it takes !!