Do we still need to copy garage remotes?


With more than nine million garages in Spain, every garage owner owns a remote for his use. Statistically speaking for a single family home garage, there are on an average 3 remotes per garage. In the case of a community garage, there are approximately more than 200 garage remotes for a single community.


All these numbers of garage remotes suggest that people still rely on this 19th-century technology of remotes to control their garages. In the world of smartphones and smart homes, remotes seem like an outdated solution.


One of the main issues that any garage owner suffers is the case of losing the garage remotes and going to the hardware shops to make copies. This cost them some amount of money and also a waste of time.


Here is an article: 

showing you the different ways to copy your garage remotes by yourself. The steps are really professional but need you to have some technical/ hardware skills.


Now coming to the main aim behind the article, do we really need to copy garage remotes? Or do we really need garage remotes to access the doors?


Thanks to HOMYHUB, the issue of replacing or buying or copying garage remotes can be easily solved. HOMYHUB with its device the HOMYHUB Garage and the application allows you to control, monitor and manage access to your garage door from anywhere and anytime. No more spending on new remotes or going to the hardware stores to get a copy of your garage remote.


HOMYHUB provides the smartest and safest way to manage access to your garage remotes.


How to install HOMYHUB Garage?


  • Plug the HOMYHUB garage with your garage door ( can be done wireless or just by plugging in two cables from the motor)
  • Connect the HOMYHUB Connect with your wifi or ethernet or even a sim card.
  • Download the HOMYHUB application and connect it your garage.


You can now control, monitor and manage access to your garage door from anywhere in the world and anytime.


Control: Opening and closing the garage doors

Monitor: Check who is opening and closing the garage in the activity monitor

Manage Access: Share temporary, recurrent or permanent access of your garage to your family or friends.


No more copying old garage remotes or buying those Bluetooth based garage control devices. It’s time to make your garages smart and your life convenient.


Check out the website to get your HOMYHUB Garage now and know more about the new generation services related to it.