In today’s world everyone tends to work in the field where they are most comfortable with. Everyone wants their input or share of knowledge to be implemented and not just using it for a defined set of tasks.


In this startup ecosystem, creativity, individuality, share-ability, oneness and freedom has really changed how the work environment has been perceived. From a cabin based office system, it’s now turned more into a sharing table. From a fixed 9 to 6 working time, it’s now more your preferable time to work. The boring offices are getting names like, HUB, LABS, WORKPLACE, etc. In Europe there has been 23 % increase every year in the number of startups and 37 % of increase in employment in startups. In short, people are more interested or inclined towards working in a startup rather than a Multinational Corp.


That’s how working in HOMYHUB has become a fun and creative part of life for everyone. It’s been more than two years and we as a team have achieved a lot in terms of success and growth. But the most important part is, we work WITH each other and not for someone. Now that’s what makes a successful team.


This difference of FOR and WITH  is huge in the entire working environment. In working FOR someone, we are bounded by limitations to explore but, when we work WITH each other, there are no limitations. We share ideas with each other, we praise and critic each other and we are always there for each other.


In HOMYHUB each one of us tend to be dependent on each other for the work we do and for the results we achieve. We are a team of six people and each one an expert and learner in their field. We aim in making people’s life Simple, Convenient and Safe. With our hard work, dedication and most importantly positive team work, we are heading towards the path to success. 


“I am the CEO, even if I am not. That’s how I feel when I am working WITH the team” –  Ankit Pareek, Head of Communication at HOMYHUB

Apart from the team, it really feels great when other entrepreneurs share their thought :

“The best thing about HOMYHUB for me is its simplicity – a simple solution with many implications that make life easier in regards to garage use. For instance, individuals do not have to stress about being home to pick up a package. By partnering with delivery services, HOMYHUB has now made this need a thing of the past!” –   Christina Stathopoulos, Analytical Consultant at Google 


“Great team, great solution and great achievement of the idea.” –   José Luis López, CEO at Insuclock

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We are working WITH each other FOR you to turn your garage into a valuable space in your life. Join us in our journey and don’t forget to visit us at 4YFN in Barcelona from 26th to 28th Feb.