HOMYHUB brings amazing surprises this 4YFN ūüĒģ

Most of the startups every year wait for the mega event of 4YFN and MWC. During those days, Barcelona turns into a small country of Entrepreneurs with more than twenty thousand people from around Europe come to witness the spirit of entrepreneurship.


HOMYHUB is among one of the startups which got the chance to showcase its business and idea in the year 2018 and now in 2019 it’s coming with some big surprises.


Here check out our previous blog on HOMYHUB’s 2018 4YFN success.


2018 has been a great year in the world of HOMYHUB, the complete product has been developed, a successful pilot with Correos, huge national and international media attention and more than 150.000 euros of investment.


Now with the beginning of 2019, HOMYHUB is all set to move ahead in the path of unlocking the full potential of garages. With that, as the first step, we are allowing everyone to be a part of the HOMYHUB’s journey by investing in our Crowdfunding round. We want to reach more than 300.000 garages in the next five years and this Crowdfunding will help us to achieve our goals with a boost.


Here you can know everything about HOMYHUB’s crowdfunding and the link to join it.


The second step of our journey in 2019 will the full-fledged launch of the Secure Delivery service( in which users can get the packages delivered in their garages, without physically being present at the time of delivery)  in collaboration with Correos in entire Spain. Correos and HOMYHUB together are going to way deliveries take place and disrupt the logistics sector. 2018 after a successful beta test, March 2019 will be the month to make each and every garage owner in Spain enjoy the power of Secure Delivery.

4YFN and MWC is the biggest and grandest platform that any startup or entrepreneur can get to bring their solution to a great audience. Hence we at HOMYHUB are bringing a huge surprise for everyone at the event. HOMYHUB for the first time will be unveiling its amazing packaging with the final product. The unveiling will take place at the IOT stars event, as HOMYHUB is selected to pitch among the 10 selected startups. It’s a great opportunity to showcase the product in form of some of the top IOT experts in the world and startups of the sector.


So if you are at the 4YFN or MWC, do come and visit the IOT Stars event on 25th Feb. at 7 P.M. Check out the link below for more information about the event and the tickets if you have not already purchased one.


Lastly, with the launch of the Secure Delivery Service during the end of March, HOMYHUB is also officially launching its product to the market. A grand launch event will take place at the Correos Labs in Madrid. If you are interested and want to know more about the event, please feel free to drop an email at ankit@homyhub.com


Join us in our journey to unlock the full potential of garages and make them a valuable space in people’s life.

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