HOMYHUB: Winners of Ford MakeItDrivable Challenge

HOMYHUB were the proud winner of the Ford MakeItDeliverable challenge.

A step closer towards collaboration with Ford in the connected mobility sector. 


With more than 400 startups applying to the Ford MakeItDivable challenge, only 20 were selected for the finals. Which consisted of two days of Virtual Challenge and intense sessions with the top tier personales at Ford and Axis Innovation. 


It was really a proud moment for HOMYHUB to be selected as one of the winners of the challenge (a total of 2 winners) as it gives a huge boost for the startup to move forward in its third layer of new generation service, Connected Cars. 


In the sector of Smart Mobility, HOMYHUB is working behind the curtains with several car manufacturing brands to allow car owners to unlock the full potential of their garages. Companies like Volkswagen and Ford have been upfront in adapting to the changes in the entire mobility sector and hence this collaboration will allow them to move a step further. 


With the prize money of 2500 Euros and a productive move towards the collaboration, both HOMYHUB and Ford are on the verge of bringing a smart and connected solution to the market. 


HOMYHUB’s mission has always been to unlock the full potential of the garages and make them a valuable space in people’s life. Rather than just being a solution to open and close your garage door, HOMYHUB and its national and international partners are disrupting the way we use garages through the layers of new generation services. 


For more information about HOMYHUB and the services, please feel free to drop an email at hola@homyhub.com


Lastly, if you have a garage or any of your friends or family use a garage, don’t forget to enjoy the limited time offer on our website!

P.S. 99.99% chances you know someone with a garage and 99.99% sure they will love you for making HOMYHUB part of their lives.