How I met the others !!

“ I guess my girlfriend is jealous with the amount of trust I have on my partners but I think its fine. They helped me raising my baby and I consider them equally involved in its birth. “ – Enzo

Ok now you can calm your minds and not think in all the weird directions your thoughts are taking you to . With all the metaphor and  emotions projected in the quote, Enzo just compared HomyHub as his baby and how with the help of his four partners, the startup is rising to successful heights.

When two entrepreneurs from Spain grab a mug of beer and gulp it down with some amazing Spanish tapas, either they decide the next hopping point or like these two try to come up with an idea. This is when Enzo and Victor decided that they need to solve the issue of garage door openers which they were facing in their existing startup. Maybe it was the beer,  the ambiance or the regular entrepreneurial thought process that gave birth to HomyHub. But this blog is not about the story behind the startup but rather the importance of having the right person by your side.

After that day, Victor, Alejandro, Alvaro and Carlos joined the team and marked their presence from the first day. But why them ? Why not someone else ? How important it really is to get the perfect business partner ?

A startup environment is completely different from a traditional organisation structure. Over here, no one knows everything and everyone knows something. So it becomes really important to get the inputs from each one of them and also comment on someone’s remark. Most importantly, without any bias and hard feelings. This becomes possible only if you have a strong connection with your partners and vice versa.

Its not about how much you are able to work for the idea but rather your ATTITUDE  towards it. Attitude is the most important factor in building a strong bond among partners. Also the motivation and commitment towards the business is needed to help it push harder in the routes of success. The second most important factor is APTITUDE. You don’t have to be a master in the field you are working, but your experience should showcase the knowledge you are trying to project in the business. So experience and knowledge comes under the radar of Aptitude.

Finally it’s the structure of business you try to implement. That’s what makes HomyHub a playground with ideas. Not believing  in an “imposed” hierarchies  in structuring the  team. Rather in proven leadership and consensus. For HomyHub its  important to listen to the one that has the most experience in each field, dialogue and get a consensus.

“That’s the reason my title don’t reside as a ‘CEO’ but rather as a ‘Leader’ “ – Enzo .

Its really important to know the value of your team and your thoughts in making one. Most importantly your business idea is just an excuse to gather incredible people together, and make this idea a reality. At the end the idea may change, and it will be on the team hands to see the opportunities, react and adapt fast to succeed.

Lastly , a startup is like an arrow towards a point target. Either you hit the bulls eye or miss the mark. Its like two sided coin, either success or failure and its important to have a team which supports in both the situations .

So choose wisely, because you don’t want your baby in the hands of someone you cant trust.