Important validations for our crowdfunding success🤝




Our mission at HOMYHUB is to unlock the full potential of garages and make them a valuable space in people’s life. We do that by turning your smartphone into a smart garage remote and opening a marketplace for new generation services. In our personal regards, we have the perfect product and the application to make people’s life simple, convenient and safe. But it’s really important to get validation and credibility from someone who is experts and market leaders in the field. That’s why in HOMYHUB, we believe in the right collaboration and taking part in events to gain the attention of the leaders in the sector.  


As our CEO- Enzo Zamora states,We’ve seen that a lot of success comes from our network. You never know where the contact will come from that asks you to enter the pilot or sign the contract which will kick-start your business. Enter Startup Programs and Challenges strategically to bring those relevant players in your funnel.“


Keeping this thought in mind and working towards a great product and disruptive services, HOMYHUB has been able to gain more than fifteen national and international recognition. It’s important to gain such validations when you are moving forward for your crowdfunding. 


Starting from the year 2016, let’s see who are one that has given validation to our business and various proposals and how they have helped us in our journey:


    • ActuaUPM 2016: Thanks to ActuaUPM, HOMYHUB has received immense support in the technical side and especially in the field of security, which is very very important for any smart home device. From the first day, they have also helped us in connecting to various stakeholders in the field of tech and smart homes.


    • Startupbootcamp IoT 2016:  In the heart of London, Startupbootcamp helped us to consolidate our team and help us build our first prototype with the help of some of the best mentors in the sector of IoT. Being Startupbootcamp alumni, their support has been tremendous and helped us to gain traction the international IoT ecosystem.


    • IE Business School 2017: Area 31 and IE Business school helped us in the first step entrepreneurship by helping us build the team and our first MVP. Now after 3 years we are launching our first Crowdfunding round and it’s always great to be part for the IE Community.


    • StartInnova 2017: With their highly valuable network, HOMYHUB gained grand visibility through their publications and the network effect.


    • South Summit 2017: Being one of the biggest startup events in Spain and HOMYHUB being one of the finalists in 2017, South Summit and Spain Startup have provided with an unimaginable exposure in the European startup ecosystem and have been constantly guiding us to various stages. We are proud to be a part of such a magnanimous community.


    • Vodafone 2017: Being a part of Vodafone’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, we have immense support from one of the leaders in the telecommunications sector and with their development in the IoT sector, HOMYHUB will be able to reach the consumers of a smart home directly.


    • Magna 2017:  Magna was our first step of validation in the sector of Connected cars and smart mobility. Being present in the German market, Magna provided us with direct interaction with leaders in the automobile sector.


    • Correos 2017: Correos being the oldest and largest logistics company in Spain and one of our main partners, provided us with the launchpad in the sector of deliveries. With a successful pilot, now we are ready to launch the disruptive solution of Secure Delivery in the Spanish market. Correos and HOMYHUB are all set to disrupt the logistics sector.


    • European Commission 2017: Thanks to the H2020 phase 1 which helped us to finance and boost the development of our pilots with Correos ( the biggest logistics company in Spain) and providing validation to our value proposition. Their support and validation will help us reach our goals for the crowdfunding round and we at HOMYHUB are really thankful for that.


    • Porsche 2017: Thanks to Porsche, HOMYHUB was able to get recognition in the connected car ecosystem and showcases its value to the leaders in the sector.


    • ExplorerByX 2018: With Explorer by our side HOMYHUB gained a global vision for our product and boosted that with an amazing trip to Silicon Valley – the birthplace of garages. Also, the amount of connections that Explorer provided with high-level entrepreneurs is unmatchable. They helped us explore the various perspectives of entrepreneurship and helped us in consolidating our business proposal.


    • Digital Logistics Hub 2018: Being one of the winners of the Digital Logistics Hub and their huge network in the sector, helped HOMYHUB gain traction in the logistics industry and also proving out in garage delivery service valuable for the market outside


    • IMPACT 2018:  A great help from IMPACT to consolidate our proposal in the connected cars ecosystems and help us get in hands-on with some of the biggest players in Europe in the sector of smart mobility. Being a part of IMPACT has been one of  HOMYHUB’s greatest reasons to rise in the path of success.


    • Merlin prop-tech 2019: With Merlin by the side of HOMYHUB, we will be able to move faster in our mission to unlock the full potential of garages. Merlin being one of the biggest players in the sector of prop-tech provides a huge market place to bring our solution in the hands of the users. By going in the crowdfunding round and with Merlin’s network, we can reach the relevant audience in the sector of prop-tech.


    • IoT Stars 2019: Being in the IoT sector, it’s always great to gain acknowledgment from the experts and leaders in the field. Thanks to IoT Stars, it provided us with a platform and mark our presence in one of the biggest global tech event- Mobile World Congress. With the help of IoT stars, HOMYHUB has been able to showcase its product and service among the most relevant stakeholders



These 15 awards and partnerships don’t just provide monetary value but help us gain trust among consumers and stakeholders.


Here is what Jordi Escruela– Innovation Director at Correos Lab have to say about HOMYHUB’s partnership with Correos,


The alliance between Correos and HOMYHUB is a success story that culminated last year with a pilot project of effective delivery in garages. With that we have managed to reduce our delivery costs, a crucial problem in logistics, and also improve our carbon footprint, a crucial problem in society.”


These are just a few yet valuable steps in our journey to unlock the full potential of more than 300,000 garages in the next 5 years and our crowdfunding round will be another step to reach our goals.

It’s time for you to be a part of the journey.