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Another proud moment lives HomyHub, it has being selected as one of the five startup winners of the Correos Innovation Challenge – ‘Reto Lehnica’. With one year of office, cash prize and in partnership with Correos, HomyHub is all set to disrupt the logistic sector.

Being one of the largest logistic and courier company in Spain, Correos is immensely trying to innovate and bring improvement in its service. By improvement, one of the main concern is the loss it has been suffering by the last mile delivery charges. Correos has been modernized through an ongoing process to provide new services throughout the century to citizens and that’s where HomyHub is providing its technology and service.

With its first product the HomyHub GARAGE, HomyHub has already stepped its foot in the Smart Home and Buildings sector. But with the collaboration with Correos, it steps in the Smart Mobility sector,  by innovating and creating a new the delivery process.

Now with the HomyHub devices installed in your garage, you don’t have to manually collect your package. As described by the newspapers El Mundo, Marca and Expansión:  

“HomyHub has developed a technology capable of converting Smartphones into a Smart  Garage Control that in turn develops functionalities useful to the user, such as the “Secure Delivery” proposal. This service integrates postal and parcel operators with HomyHub’s smart devices for opening enclosed spaces. Converting [single-family] garages into secure delivery points for shipments, regardless of whether the receiver is present or not.”

Simplifying the statement, the delivery person will have the HomyHub application and you can just share your garage key with him for the delivery time and that’s all. He will open your garage, place the parcel securely in and go peacefully for his next delivery.  This entire process will benefit both the sides, Correos and its customers. The customer won’t miss his package which he was waiting for eagerly and the delivery guy won’t have to come back due to a failed delivery.

The entire team right now is working in CorreosLabs to make this project a success and launch the service soon. HomyHub’s tie up Correos is a prove that there is no boundaries in the field of innovation and how IOT is going to disrupt each and every sector.

Here is what the Spanish Media has to say about this step :

Publication by EL MUNDO

Publication by EFE : EMPRENDE

Publication by TALENTO

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