Let it be S-HE

Lets get some facts first :

Solo female founders make up 10% of all single-founder , and that percentage rises to 36% for companies with five or more founders. The fact that women make up only 10% of solo founders is  bit heartening.

Now lets talk about the work force stats in the startup environment. Women hold just 16% out of the total work force in the startup culture. Out of 30% female entrepreneurs only 12% have been able to get sufficient funds.

Taking an average of 10 startups with 50 people working in it , only seven are women. Now can we say that the startup environment is male dominated?

Here is an article by WIRED on a related topic,



When asked Dzerassa Kadieva – Business Development, at HomyHub about how she feels to be the only female in the startup, she replies –

“ Only female? I guess the question is bit irrelevant. We are a team of entrepreneurs working towards making a successful product. I have some particular skill set which none of the other guys possess and its vice versa. We all tend to learn from each other and work with the spirit of entrepreneurship. So being the only female doesn’t matter, as I guess I was not selected for my gender but rather my experience.”

Still the question arise why females are not seen that upfront in the technological era? I guess its not about the talent they inculcate, but its about how people perceive them. Women are still in some ways not being given the adequate relevancy of opportunity in the tech sector.

Here is another article by CNET on some numbers related to the ratios of men and women.



When asked Pauline Issard – Co-Founder and CEO at Trackener,  do you think women have a much vibrant or better perspective in an entrepreneur environment. ? Her reply was really straight forward,

“In general I would say not really but in the hardware startup environment I would agree that our perspective is more vibrant but also more challenging! As a women we get noticed more but getting some credibility is not so straight forward as for a guy I think.”

In conclusion I would just like to state that, at this present era of entrepreneurs and innovation, lets keep the core spirit alive. Judge people and invest on their work and ideas and rather not on their gender.