Let’s spice it up by South Summit-2018


Every dish in the world needs a bit of spice in it. You may like keeping it blend but a pinch of spice or flavor, makes others take a bite of it too. Well everyone loves a bit of appreciation and also sometimes some critics. Its the same with South Summit. It acts as the spice or the flavor provider to your startup and makes it loved by thousands of people attending it.


With hundreds of startups coming each year to showcase their ideas and meet people from all around the world, South Summit provides a grand platform to boost them. Each year we see a significant increase in the number of startups and entrepreneurs coming to the event and trying to gain as much visibility as possible.


Being the Head of Marketing and Communication at HOMYHUB. I have been asked one specific question a lot of time. Why such events matter to you? Isn’t it a huge investment of time and is it really worth going if you are not among the presenting startups?  


They ask this questions because they have received such answers from entrepreneurs or startups. But in my case or to say in the majority it’s not true. Such events and especially in the case of South Summit, it’s a very wise investment of your time. When you as a startup are present in the venue with more than 10000 people attending and participating, you get a really diverse audience. People from all around the world and different sectors get to know about you and your ideas. Their insights, critics, and thoughts are sometimes very valuable, which is really difficult to gather when you are confined to a limited number of people in your circle.


As one of my fellow entrepreneur, Jorge from dsign states “ We are architectures with a very disruptive solution. Over here at  South Summit, it becomes easier for us to explain our product and show the demo to thousands of people in one huge venue”


Not to forget, South Summit, being one of the biggest startup events in Europe, attracts huge corporations, investors and press from all around. Like all the other time of the year when you keep sending emails to investors, trying to meet the companies to show your demo and keep pinging the media personal to grab your story, South Summit provides you with everything in a closed space. So isn’t going to such events a positive investment of your time?


In our case, HOMYHUB was one of the finalists in South Summit 2017 and the amount of boost that the three-day event provided is unparalleled. Contacts with companies, investor relations, and really positive media attention were key to our following growth. This year without wasting any time we got the South Summit VIP passes and marked our calendar for the dates. We may not be among the finalists this year but being an entrepreneur and part of a growing startup, South Summit always provides the perfect platform to grow and reach to the mass.

As our CEO, Enzo Zamora says: “ In 2016 South Summit was a dream. In 2017, it became a reality. In 2018, it feels like a routine. My calendar year as an entrepreneur doesn’t feel complete without checking off South Summit. Especially this year when we are about to close our seed round, South Summit will provide a platform to meet some really prominent investors“.  


When we asked another young startup, Binfluencer about their thoughts on South Summit. Jesus Roman, the CEO stated “ Our main crux of the startup is knowing people. Over here in South Summit we get to meet hundreds of influencers and people who provide us with an opportunity to grow as at the moment we are also looking for investment.”


Let’s all gather with our dishes of ideas and spice it up during these three days at South Summit.