Making an IMPACT

As we enter the ISDI campus in Madrid, a quote catches each and everyone’s eyes. “We are not in an era of change but in the change of an era“,confusing but very impacting. Its true that things are changing, disrupting and evolving immensely. From connecting people through mobile devices and social media, now it’s time to connect your cars,houses, garages and day to day appliances.


Since its formation in 2014, IMPACT Accelerator has consistently been named one of the top accelerators in Spain and Europe.  IMPACT Growth was launched in 2016, a project that is kicking this high-performing excellence to the next level. Out of the 500 application for the IMPACT connected cars program, only 15 startups were selected in the finals to start the acceleration process. This program will focus on the cars of the future, driver-less transportation, connected cars, and innovative experiments in the auto industry.

All the 15 startups have a solution to disrupt the connected cars sectors and bring an impact in people’s life. With the start of the acceleration in Madrid at ISDI, the intense four days proved to be enlightening and help entrepreneurs learn some key points on each and every factor to make their idea a success.

The four days acceleration started  with Toni Raurich’s session on Strategy and Business, explaining the various key points on how to more efficiently strategize your planning and build a much robust structure. Followed up with some really important marketing insights by Guillermo Albizuri on how to use the power of data to optimize your marketing strategy. The day summed up with a magician with a hat – Alex Barrera, who pulled out some really magical and important tips on how to make our pitch much effective.

The next two days followed up with session on hiring talents, sales, B2B marketing, Lean analytics, company culture,  where prominent speakers like Sebas Muriel, David Tomas and many more shared their insights. The tipping point was when Andy Stalman, also referred as Mr Branding gave an impactful session on how to create a better brand and shared his years of experience with the 15 selected startups.

The Madrid session ended with insights on how to manage rounds and exits, make your startup international and a interactive Funding workshop. Yoram Berholtz, Miguel Angel Diez and Jose Garcia Pacheco were the prominent speakers in the field and concluded the Madrid session.

Now it’s time for all the all the 15 startups to buckle up and deep dive into the their solution to bring a change in the connected cars sector. 13 out of 15 startups will be selected for the final phase in Paris and apart from the 50k funding, it will be a huge opportunity for them to work with the leaders in the field and collaborate with other startups to bring disruption.

“All the 15 startups are super diverse, talented, great potential for disruption, strong tech and teams. In case of HOMYHUB their  solution and team show tremendous potential in the sector of connected cars. Connecting garages and cars will be a innovative step in this era smart mobility” – Sebastian Muller, Director IMPACT Accelerator, ISDI .


Apart from opening your garage with your smartphone from anywhere and anytime, HOMYHUB is all set to make an IMPACT and unlock the full potential of your garages with the connected cars as its next step. By the support of  IMPACT and European Union, an extra wheel has been added to move in the path of a better future.

Lets make and IMPACT now !!