How more than 25 million people came to know about Secure Delivery.

CORREOS and the Spanish startup HOMYHUB have developed a system that will allow delivery of packages in the garages. The project, currently in the pilot phase, is being tested in the Madrid town of Rivas-Vaciamadrid, where the first deliveries have already begun for this revolutionary system.

The Spanish entrepreneur company HOMYHUB has developed a solution that turns the mobile into a smart garage control. In this way, HOMYHUB converts the garage itself into an intelligent space and unlocks its full potential, including converting it into a delivery point for packages even if no one is at home. All that is required is to have the HOMYHUB Starter Kit and install the application on the mobile. This allows not only to open the garage with the mobile phone, but also to know who enters and leaves the garage, whether the door is open or closed, and the most innovative: give, revoke or customize access to anyone through the “Virtual Remotes”. All this, at any time and from anywhere.

The service developed by this startup of Spanish entrepreneurs and CORREOS represents a great revolution for the logistics sector, since it will allow companies to save millions of euros by avoiding failed deliveries or re delivery. And, in turn, it will significantly improve the experience of users who will not have to wait at home for packages or move to another place to pick them up. All you have to do is sign up for the Safe Delivery service, and your garage will become a delivery point. In this way, consumers will benefit from a simple, convenient and secure package reception system.

After meeting the successful pilots, the main Spanish media covered this story and, therefore, millions of its readers came to know this disruptive solution.

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Thanks to all the media for sharing the success story and raising awareness about this service!