Moving Smart in the age of Smart Mobility


The world is made up with 3 words – Creation, Evolution, and Existence, although in the current time and space, the following words would be safe to use in order to better describe the scenario – Expanding, Moving, and Changing. Change is a good old friend, our cities have gone from being monolithic to new age multi-storeyed concrete jungles.


Smart Mobility, aims at reducing traffic congestion, keeping people safe on roads, reducing costs and pollution, and more, through the incorporation of ICT and IoT. There are a lot of products in the market who are trying to help and change the situation. Our fellow finalist at South Summit, Tickey has reduced the rate of trees cut each year just to make paper tickets for public transports. This gives consumers full access to public transport and motivate them to use the same, at the same time, reducing the congestion and traffic on roads. Smart mobility runs on the idea of Intelligent Transport System which focuses on having access to reserved places on demand, video surveillance system, integrated systems for mobility management, Integrated parking guiding systems etc.


Since we fit into most of its aims and ideology, we tried to disrupt the way in which garages work. With the marvels of IoT and design sense, HomyHub created HomyHub Garage, a one of its kind, pioneering product that gives you uninhibited access to your garage from any part of the world. Consumers generally correlate ideas like these with something physically big, in order to change the mindset, we created pocket sized products that can be accessed from your smart-phone. Imagine the cost that you would have incurred trying to place locks and replace the remotes each time you would lose it, the amount you would spend on its security of the garage when you’re on your vacation. We’re helping you save the cost through the installation of something super economical that comes with military-grade encryption that keeps your data safe.


HomyHub is a finalist at the South Summit 2017, and being at this event is going to be a stepping stone in our long ladder to success. The event is a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with investors and we hope we are able to reach our aim by connecting with as many influencers as possible in order to make your garage a much smarter place.