Spanish startup marks its presence in Germany


In the recent times, we have seen a lot of development and innovation in the sector of logistics. Companies and startups have been developing solutions to reduce cost, increase efficiency and shorten the delivery process.


By an article in Supply Chain Drive, The global logistics market, in terms of revenue, is set to expand from US$8.1 trillion in 2015 to US$15.5 trillion by 2023, registering a CAGR of 7.5% from 2015 to 2024. By volume, the market is expected to clock in a 6.0% CAGR from 2016 to 2024.”  That implements more and more movement of goods and packages across and a high increase in the online purchase. Hence, innovation and disruption in the logistics sector is a prerequisite.


The Digital.Hub Logistics in Dortmund, supported by the Fraunhofer Institutes for Material Flow and Logistics IML as well as for Software and Systems Engineering ISST, the EffizienzCluster Management GmbH and the Duisburger Hafen AG, is driving the digitization of the logistics industry in Germany – whether goods or Data logistics, transport, corporate or financial logistics. Digital.Hub Logistics creates a highly exciting environment for companies that want to launch potentially promising new digital products on the market.


Hundreds of Startups applied for the competition and only eight were selected for the finals in Dortmund. Out of the eight selected, HOMYHUB was the only Spanish startup. The venue was magnanimous and accompanied by the top companies in the Sector. Executives from UPS, DPD and many more were present to judge the eight startups presenting.


Here are the three winners of the Digital Logistics Awards :


        With the NautilusLog app, the start-up supports both the crew on board ships and their management on land. Vessels are tracked and events and tasks are automatically generated. The app reminds, for example, to change the fuel before they reach an emission control area.


The start-up sees itself as for transport. The one-stop shop is a combination of independent price information and a simple booking process.


    HOMYHUB allows users to unlock the full potential of their garages. Now with the HOMYHUB device and the application, you can control, monitor and manage access to your garage. Anywhere and anytime. Also with its new generation service and collaboration with Correos, now users can get their packages delivered securely in their garage. Without being physically present to receive them. 


HOMYHUB with its product the HOMYHUB Garage and the service of secure delivery gained significant attention. With HOMYHUB’s solution and the collaboration with Correos, there has a been a disruption in the last mile logistics. Now all your packages will be delivered in your garage securely, without you being physically present to receive them. This solution will save companies a huge amount of money and time occurring due to failed deliveries.

This innovation and the disruptive solution allowed HOMYHUB to be one of the winners and gain the third place in the competition. HOMYHUB was the only international startup to be amongst the winners and the only Spanish startup in the list of finalists.

Each and every member present in the event supported and believed in the idea behind the success of HOMYHUB. This proves that after a successful test and launching the service in Spain, Germany is a great place to bring out the innovation. Being one of the most developed and innovative markets in Europe, HOMYHUB can surely disrupt the logistics sector.


Here is what the German media has to say about HOMYHUB:




HOMYHUB would like to thank each and every member who witnessed the event and to  Fraunhofer IML for making it happen.


PS: We can’t stop thinking about the amazing food and catering service that was present during the entire day. The mouthwatering German sausages, refreshing fruits, and the filling steak kept us changed throughout the day.