Spanish startup on the way to Silicon Valley


Garages have never been just a place to park cars in the heart of an entrepreneur. We all know that because of a small magical place on the face of this planet, known as the Silicon Valley.


Silicon Valley – the place which gave birth to the biggest startups and companies in the world. A place where dreams started in a garage and landed to billion dollars mega-giants. Companies like, Google, Amazon, Facebook, HP, Uber and hundreds other have given birth to this mini entrepreneurial planet called the Silicon Valley.


More than 150 tech giants, 250 medium-sized and around 1200 startups in a 400 km square area. Ideas, tech, innovation, and money are the only parameters by which one can capture the gravity of this piece of land. Just in the year 2015, there were around 110 billion dollars of VC investment in around 500 startups. The numbers are growing with the present innovation in the field of IoT, AI, Data Science, and Sharing Economy paradigm.


It all started in the year 1930 when  William Hewlett and David Packard started developing their audio oscillator in a tiny garage and gave birth to what we all know as HP. That place is the nucleus of the entire entrepreneurial particle and is now converted into a museum. Also to know, its most visited garage in the entire world. Following that garages became the womb for companies like Google, Amazon and many others.


Silicon Valley may now be hosting magnanimous buildings like the Apple Park, or the Facebook HQ, Technology Corners, Intel Corp, etc. But most of them came out from the back door 10-meter square garages. Hence, garages hold a holy value in the heart of every startup and entrepreneur. That’s what HOMYHUB is all about.


HOMYHUB aims at unlocking the full potential of your garages and making it a valuable place in people’s life. Thanks to explorerbyx, HOMYHUB will be making its way from Madrid to Silicon Valley for an entire week. Being one of the finalists of the programme, it’s a great opportunity for HOMYHUB to showcase its disruptive solution.


With its first device, the HOMYHUB Garage users can control, monitor and manage access to their garage doors from a smartphone. That being the base of the idea, now with the collaboration with Correos, users can get their packages delivered securely in their garages. This solution will disrupt and save immense time and money in the last mile logistics sector. Also, HOMYHUB opens an opportunity for other new generation services to integrate into its platform.


 The team will be attending various events, showcasing its product and also meet various investors.

Because we have made the world smart and innovative from the garages. It’s time we bring the smartness and innovation in them.  


Anyone is San Fransisco interested in knowing more about HOMYHUB and its product, please feel free to drop an email to