The Communicator Communicates

“A start-up is like a body with heart and soul but with no words or a accent. Content provides a voice to a startup and communication lets this voice spread across.”Ankit Pareek .

The man behind the blogs on the website and the social media posts on our social media channel gets up close and personal about his role as the Head of Marketing and Communication at HomyHub. HomyHub happened to him like a reflex, it all started with LinkedIn. An honest reply to Enzo’s question made him what he is today. He briefly describes the chat,

Enzo – Have you ever worked professionally before in the marketing and communication
sector ?
Ankit – NO.
Enzo – Perfect, we need someone like you with a fresh mind and blank canvas to be painted by your thoughts” and since 2016, there is no looking back.

Hailing from the Tea-Valley of India, Ankit is an Engineering graduate specialized in Computer Science. While people from other countries join the Army after they turn 18, Indians join the Engineering Army, he jokingly adds. Like every other Indian, Ankit joined the engineers bandwagon and later pursued his masters degree in management. This is when his ghost from the past, his passion to write and create, knocked his door once again. During his time at IE University where he enrolled into two programs, the idea of taking up a career in non-technical background had spearheaded. A quick learner and a confident presenter by nature, he loves learning things that is irrelevant to his profile or topics that are at a faraway galaxy from his own, from people who come from diverse backgrounds.

He’s an engineer on paper but a marketeer by profession, he’s memorized and inspired by how technology has the power to impact and disrupt each and every sector. Being in the shoes of both an engineer and of a marketeer, his field of vision isn’t limited to just one sector. He’s able to accelerate his thought process because the engine to his vehicle is his technical knowledge and the fuel is the managerial one. Thus, he ends up agreeing that engineering did and does help him.

Although he isn’t a techie but loves technology and the magic it creates by spinning the codes, his heart lies in Marketing and Communication, Blogging, Content Creation and Curation, Market Research and, Marketing analytics. We all know how boring sometimes the task of a content writer can get, curating it after making sure you tick a 50 important things can get to your nerve, but this doesn’t affect him. To Ankit, creating a piece gives him power and it doesn’t matter to him if he hasn’t hit a 100 likes, even one thumbs-up gives him enough motivation to create another. He says “For me there is no rule in content creation,
just guidelines and emotions and hence to keep loving what I create.” While emotions are important, research should never be neglected while creating a piece, he adds.

Before ending the conversation, I asked him to give Word of advice/caution for communication aspirants. His advice is

“A bad communication strategy is always a good communication strategy for your next communication strategy” while his caution is

“Just try to limit your words, not your thoughts. Contents that are small, most of the time are more interesting.”