We enjoy Fridays and wait for Mondays at HOMYHUB

No matter if you are working in a startup or a big corporation, you are always over the top with tasks and to-dos. When the clock strikes 9: 00, the offices start filling with people and everyone just switches on their screens and starts rambling on those keys. Tons of emails to reply, loads of meetings to attend and deadlines just knocking at the doorstep. The pressure is on and sometimes the work starts to seem like a burden. 

As someone quoted “No one works better under pressure. They just work faster.”


So what makes working at HOMYHUB and with its team, different? Is the workload less? Are the goals very easy to achieve? Is the team too “startup-iesd” in their mentality? Or it’s just that everyone just pile up their entire work on the Co-Founders? (since it’s their company and why should everyone take the pressure) 


As the CEO of HOMYHUB, Enzo makes a very interesting point: 


“HOMYHUB is not just a company or a startup. First, it’s an idea and a team. We don’t work as separate individuals and focus on our tasks like a lab rat. We work on the basis of collaboration and reaching one single goal – Unlocking the full potential of garages. Hence each member of the team is focused to reach one single goal with their expertise. The sales team brings sales, the marketing drives the campaigns, the tech develops disruptive solutions and so on. But in the end, they are not doing it for their individual goals but the main mission behind HOMYHUB. “



It’s very important to understand that what Enzo mentioned is not achievable if the team doesn’t comprise of such individuals who enjoy their work and move towards the same goal as the entire company. 


But why would someone be so selfless and not think about their own personal growth? 


“Of course we want to grow individually. We want to learn, we want to have higher salaries, we want to be known in the startup community. But that’s what makes us different from others. “I” don’t want that, “WE” all want that and “WE” can get it by achieving all one goal.“ as stated by Rita, who is the business development wizard at HOMYHUB. 


The mentality behind working in HOMYHUB is clear. We all work together towards one goal but in the best way, with our individual skills or departments. Everyone in the team knows what each and everyone is doing and we communicate at a very professional level for help or collaboration.  Because it’s also important to keep the focus level intact while working and not make others feel disturbed. Tools like Daily Standups, Trello, Toggl, OKRs, Monday’s Breakfast, etc.. helps the team to work in an efficient, collaborative, result based way, and at the same time hand keeping the work environment matured.


Elaborating on each of them, Enzo mention: 


“The Daily Standup is a way in which the entire team knows what they are up to that day and what they accomplished the last day. Hence avoiding the need for an everyday followup personally.  Trello and toggl are tools to help each member work efficiently and focus on the tasks they want to accomplish. OKR or Objective Key Result is the basis on which the success of HOMYHUB is based on. Everyone knows the one objective of the entire company and hence they work behind that one objective in the best way possible. Personally, I feel, food or activities like team excursions, sports, etc. are some things that allow the team to bond in a more human and personal level. In the end, I am leading a team and forming a family. So, I need to be available to them on a personal level too”


“As a team, sometimes we need to forget about everything and spend some time together to relax, bond or even share some stories. Monthly movie sessions, every day having lunch together in the kitchen, excursions, breakfasts and even some Friday evening beers make everyone feel like a family. In the end, we all are working towards one direction and on any journey, there needs to be pit-stops and breaks. Else we all will be exhausted before we reach our destinations.”-   Ankit, “that marketing and communications guy” at HOMYHUB. 


Adding to the team culture and work ethics, it’s important to have a perfect working space. Thanks to Correos Labs, HOMYHUB amazing office space allowing the team to work in collaboration and also individually with no disturbance. 


“I have a theory: if you love your workspace, you would love your work a little more.”Cynthia Rowley 


PS: There is an unlimited supply of pure Italian brewed coffee. Because a perfect cup of coffee is every entrepreneur’s desk buddy. 


HOMYHUB is on a mission to unlock the full potential of garages and make them a valuable space in people’s lives. We want to do this together and also invite you to be a part of this family. 


Drop us an email if you want to join the team and we will get back to you if there are opportunities. Check out the link below if you are a Frontend Developer with expertise in React.js