What is Home Automation?


Automation, as the name implies means a self-acting machine. In a world which was previously manual, the idea and introduction of automation have kicked the dependence of labor and manpower out of the market and has already made work very much easier.

Automation used to be applied only during the mass production of products, and it was only accessible to people who had the resources and would still make a profit if implemented. However, due to advancement in technology, automation has found its way into the nooks and crannies of our everyday life.

Home automation is when you have the ability to control devices in the home with the use of a remote device. In other words, it is the programming of the devices in the home to operate under a schedule or under specific conditions which are determined by you. Home automation which can also be referred to as Smart Homes is completely devoid of the use of manual labor.

The concept of automation used to be limited to only programmable devices like thermostats and sprinklers systems. But, it now extends to light, cooling systems, heating system, etc. And when looked at from a security perspective, it involves the use of an alarm system, smoke detectors, surveillance and remote garages.

The concept of smart homes can be divided into two categories:

The automation category ,which deals with the scheduling and programming of devices in the home like scheduling to the window blinds to open during the day and close at night, putting a sensor in your garage door and have it open when a vehicle is near, water sprinkler systems which can also be programmed to come on and off at required times.

The remote control category, which inculcates the ability  to control devices at home with the help of another device,  especially a handheld device. Unlike automation category which functions by itself , the remote control devices are only operated by the homeowner and are really  simple.

The components needed for the automation differs, depending on the particular device to be used. However, the most consistent devices used are simple binary devices which have just the 1 and 0 configurations, representing on and off depending on the programming.

The term, the smart home is used when these devices are connected to the internet and uses the network to operate. People who live in smart homes do not have their garage doors open for them. Their garage is simply smart enough to do it.

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