Unlocking the full potential of your garage

HomyHub turns your garage into a valuable space in your life.

HomyHub’s New Generation Services

The garage is now no longer a place only for your car, boxes or your bike. The possibilities are endless, and HomyHub makes them possible for you.


Parcels delivered anytime to your garage

We all know how frustrating it is to come home, only to realize you have to go back out to the post office.

HomyHub is partnering with trusted couriers so they will be able to leave your packages safely in your garage, ready to greet you when you come home.

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Now your garage makes money for you

There are many things we don’t regularly use in our garage that we can share or rent to other people.

HomyHub is partnering with sharing-economy platforms such as parking sharing, car sharing, storage sharing, EV charging sharing and among others. So you can have instant access to them and make the most out of your garage.

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Starter Kit

Our simple to install smart devices will turn you garage opener into a smart one. Enabling you to control, monitor and manage access through your smartphone.

150€ 135€

Limited time 10% off and free shipping included!