Its LIVE! We are Crowdfunding 📣



You may have already heard or known about the tremendous success HOMYHUB has achieved in a short time. That includes investment, successful pilot and commercial contract with Correos and tie-ups with many other big brands. We have won more than 12 national and international awards in the sector of IoT, smart mobility, logistics, connected cars § and have raised more than 150.000 investment.


We are now ready to accelerate the growth and help thousands of garages to unlock their full potential. We also want to make sure that our loyal followers and customers have an opportunity to share in our journey, that’s why we are now going to raise an Equity Crowdfunding Round in exchange of shares in HOMYHUB!

So, are you ready to be a part of our journey and invest in HOMYHUB? Follow the link below and be a part of HOMYHUB’s crowdfunding round!


If you want to know more about crowdfunding, keep reading below. 👇👇



Investing involves risks, including loss capital. #InvestAware by reading the following FAQs.


Why should I consider investing? 🤔

The year 2018 has shown that HOMYHUB has reached new heights and one step closer in unlocking the full potential of all garages. You’ve probably seen the news talking about us (El País, Voz Populi, or Startus among many others): more than 12 prizes (including the recent ones from Explorer by Santander Bank, Porsche or Digital Logistics); more than 150.00 Euros of investment (including investment from a highly competitive European Union Grant with only  8.4% success rate); a successful pilot and a commercial contract with Correos (The biggest Courier in Spain), in addition to the interest of other big companies in the sector. All this has validated the success of HOMYHUB with its team, vision, and mission.


Having everything underway, 2019 will be a mega year for HOMYHUB and all its team. On one hand, Correos launching the universal in-garage unattended delivery service for single-family homes in Spain, powered by HOMYHUB, and HOMYHUB  simultaneously, entering the mass market through other channels. Everything has been possible thanks to the support and collaboration of the growing community of people who supports HOMYHUB.

This investment round will boost HOMYHUB mass market launch, including not only the product but also our New Generation Services Marketplace (Being the first one the unattended in-garage deliveries, by Correos, and more already under development behind the curtains, even in other areas as Sharing Economy or Connected Cars).  Starting in the Spanish Market to further expand to the rest of Europe reaching more than 300.000 garages in the next 5 years.

The garage is no longer just for the car, boxes or bike. Possibilities are endless, and HOMYHUB it’s making them a reality. Join us in our mission to unlock the full potential of garages.


Are there limits on the amount I can invest? 🤔💶

We want to give everyone the opportunity to invest in our future. Therefore, the minimum investment amount is only £10! You can go further up to any amount you wish to invest.


Who can Invest? 🤷‍♂️

The answer to this question is very simple. ANYONE!! If you love HOMYHUB and trust its product and team, you have the opportunity.


Investor needs to be 18 year old and above to invest


How do I make a return? 💰

As an investor in HOMYHUB,  you will receive shares in HOMYHUB in exchange for your investment. The main way you can make money from your investment is by selling your share in business for more than you paid for it. There is no active secondary market for equity investments on Crowdcube, so you won’t be able to sell your share immediately. If the business grows to a point where it floats on a stock market, is bought or acquired by a larger company (I.e. Acquisition of Ring , made by Amazon), or the company management buys back equity from investors, you are likely to be able to sell your shares. 

Here are some examples of Startups in Crowdcube that gave returns for the acquisition of another company or the repurchase of shares.

Alternatively, HOMYHUB some companies may begin to pay dividends. This is not the common scenario as Startups focus on continuous and exponential growth, but can occur when a business is profitable but does not expect to continue growing significantly.


So how do I do the actual investment?👨‍💻

We know the excitement is real and you can’t wait to show your trust in HOMYHUB. The real process of investment is very simple. We have partnered with one of Europe’s leading crowdfunding platform- Crowdcube.


We advise that you create an account with Crowdcube before the investment round goes live to avoid potentially missing out because you have to sign up to the platform first.


 How do I make an investment on Crowdcube?👇

  1. Go to the campaign link which you will receive by email when the campaign it’s live. (If you pre-registered)
  2. Click Join (if you are already registered just Login to Crowdcube)
  3. Fill the amount you want to invest in the amount box and click “INVEST NOW”
  4. You will be taken to a mandatory Investor Assessment test and have to answer a few questions to qualify as an investor. Read the following section to know more about this. And/or Check this link to get more details that will help you answer the questions.
  5. Once you pass the assessment, you need to fill in your personal details and the debit or credit card information.

    Eureka! You are now part of something great. 🕺🕺

After this, you may be required by Crowdcube to provide proof of ID (I.e. Picture of your national ID or passport) and proof of address (I.e. Service Bill). This as the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) measure required by law to Crowdcube. Most investors will be able to pass KYC automatically by inputting their details, however, some may require a manual check. This mostly happens if, for example, you have recently moved and it isn’t yet reflected in various online databases.

More instruction on the Investor Assessment. 🤓


Here are the important points that you need to keep in mind while answering the Investor Assessment segment. 📣📣

  1. Such kind of investment is always risky and most of the startups fail as Startups are doing something with High Potential growth, therefore highly complex. By the way “MOST” Startups”, not “ALL”  😉
  2. As you know HOMYHUB is moving fast and every day there is a new success knocking at the doorsteps. Not Spiderman but as some Smart-Man once said: High return investment opportunities, comes with high risk too.Hence ifs a startup fails, you won’t be getting your investment back.
  3. Well, you already know this, but still, for some of the new people in the genre of investment, it’s important to know that startups don’t usually pay dividends.
  4. Also keep in mind, once you make an investment you won’t be able to easily sell your shares. Unless the company is bought or acquired by some other big giants or floats in the stock market.
  5. High potential growth Startups like HOMYHUB have ambitious goals of growing fast to unlock the potential of many many garages nationally and internationally (Reason why Startups they become attractive to get acquired by giants or get into Stock Market). This could imply future investment rounds to be able to grow faster, therefore new share issues could be required for those future investors. In this case, your proportionate of shareholding will decrease.  
  6. Sometimes it’s not good to put all your eggs in one basket. The metaphor also holds true in the case if investing. It’s never advisable to put all your money into one startup. As it’s a risk-based investment, it’s not always wise to risk it all. So be wise, and spread your investment wisely.


Get ready,