DEMO DAY- Startupbootcamp IoT | Connected Devices

The Oval Space in London echoed with applause and cheers when the nine startups pitched their ideas. Three months of intense hard work and a drive to succeed with their ideas. The teams were ready with their slides and products.

With Raph Crouan, welcoming the audience of more than 300 people comprising investors, venture capitalists, distributors and people who believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship, the event kicked off on the 25th January afternoon and like Mr. Holmes says “the game is on”.  All the nine startups presented their ideas followed by their product videos. Some were helping the horses live a better life, some were making bike rides much safer. Some made learning fun for kids and some just simplified handling machinery in factories.

Just before the moment when Enzo from HomyHub was about to take over the stage after an amazing introduction from Francois Mazoudier ( mentor for HomyHub ). I had a small conversation with Enzo and my question was “ Are you scared ? “ and he replied  “Yes, I am. Not for presenting at the stage but because of the spotlights, they make me nervous”.  But I guess it was the spotlights which brought out the best and gave HomyHub a huge applaud from the audience. Many investors approached HomyHub to express their interest to invest.  People were interested in distributing the product and property developers wanted to include HomyHub Garage in their buildings.

The day turned out to be exciting and providing each startup to showcase their best. Although its an end to the acceleration period for the startups at the boot camp,  their journey towards success has just begun.

Being an SBC alumnus and supported with their huge and strong network, all the nine startups have multiplied their efforts for their goal. Also with the  last email from SBC, stating: “We’re here to aid your growth through direct support (funding, hiring, operations), targeted connections, in-person gatherings, and online resources”, it proves their commitment towards the spirit of entrepreneurship.

“ We came as soaked seeds at SBC. They provided us with the the best fertilizers, abundant sunlight and apt amount of water to grow. Now we have deepen our roots and ready to carve the branches”  –  Alejandro Nieto Perez   ( Co-Founder HomyHub)