The Portable Doors

With a successful Demo Day at the Startupbootcamp , HomyHub and its team is really geared up for the upcoming challenges. The product is ready, tested and now the technicians are working on its final design. The color, texture, size, edginess, weight, and simplicity are the major aspects to make a product appeal to everyone. But there was a small issue before the Demo Day, how will we show the use of our product ? Since its an automated garage door opener, how on the this holy earth we will be able to bring a garage and showcase the idea?

Not saying that there are no garages, but if you plan to go to an investor and pitch your product. How will you rule the pitch, without showing a demo?  How will you smear the crowd in an event and enlighten them with the entire hard work you have done?  Yes! Videos are a good solution but, how believable are they? All these questions were rattling Carlos’ hungover mind on a Saturday morning.

Few weeks left for the Demo Day and the idea of showcasing was still a concern. While the whole team were busy curing their hangover, there came a shout from the washroom and it was Carlos “ Enzo, lets make our own garages”.  “I think you still drunk Carlos” was Enzo’s first comment. But after hearing the entire idea from Carlos, Enzo was convinced. Hence the team made small prototypes of garages and installed the HomyHub device in them. Now we have our own portable garages and the device to showcase the product anywhere and to anyone.

Its important how you showcase your product to your target audience. How you manage to catch their eyes and make them understand it in the simplest manner. With a proper product title, description, now we even have the perfect model to showcase our product.

Here is a link to check out the video of our model :